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The Overview


CLICKCOACH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit documentation project, building upon its exciting library of video discussions about classical, jazz, and musical theater works and topics. Our videos are not performances. They are in-depth looks into works and topics from the unique perspective and experience of the artist creating the video: musical advice, tips & tricks, demonstrations, talk of difficult passages, score errors, musical opinions and thoughts, etc.. This is information we normally only have access to in lessons and coachings. The amazing contributors creating videos for this project are uploaders, professional artists 18 years and older in these music fields. Uploader resources are found at the bottom of every page in the Uploaders dropdown menu.


Uploaders create videos with their own recording device such as a smartphone or other video recording device - this is how we're able to include contributors worldwide. We will walk you through each part of the process with our Step-by-Step Upload Guide and we also have an extensive uploader FAQs page.


Uploader Profile

When an uploader submits their first video, they also create an Uploader Profile. This is information including a biography, photos, and how they'd like their video proceeds to be used. An Uploader Profile only needs to be completed once and may be changed or updated here.

Earning Money with your Videos

Videos then become part of our resource library and are made available for 30-day rentals for $1.99+ fees per video to users worldwide and they generate revenue. You, as the uploader, can choose what you’d like done with this revenue. No matter where in the world you are, you may either:

  1. receive this revenue for yourself: for artists using the service for personal financial support as a result of COVID-19 or for other reasons
  2. forward your video proceeds to the CLICKCOACH Assistance Fund: for artists who want to help other artists and support their community

If you as the artist choose to  a) receive revenue for yourself you will start receiving monthly transfers from CLICKCOACH to your chosen financial institution for 75% of each $1.99 video purchased less discounts and fees (more details are found in our Uploader Terms & Conditions) - this is only possible with CLICKCOACH, a United States based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with charitable and educational purposes. There is a standard processing fee (i.e. transfer charge) to get the money to artists, which is $1.00 per transfer to US bank accounts. International transfers cost $5.00 per transfer due to the additional costs of overseas payments.

In order to make payments to uploaders possible, a tax form is also required: either Form W-9 for United States residents and resident aliens, or Form W-8BEN for all others. This tax form categorizes an artist as an independent contractor. Artists may be responsible for taxes depending on their personal situation, so please check with a professional before making a decision to upload.

If an artist chooses to b) forward the video revenue to the CLICKCOACH Assistance Fund they don’t need to complete a tax form nor choose a payment method. Instead, the revenue from their videos gets to work as soon as it comes in, allowing us to offer a high 75% payout to artists who need it the most, as donations to 501(c)(3) artists-relief organizations specialized in helping artists, and towards helping run our organization. 1% of every video rental also goes directly towards supporting low-income, underprivileged, and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. These video contributions are a hugely important part of this CLICKCOACH nonprofit project.


Take me to the Step-by-Step Guide

The Process

Let's lay out the process of uploading so you know what being an uploader looks and feels like before diving in.

Step-by-Step Guide: very important is to begin by going through the Step-by-Step Guide first as it covers all the details you need to know before uploading. Even if you're familiar with creating video content, it's highly advisable to read this section carefully so your videos don't get flagged for re-recording.



Recording: once you've chosen your topic, have defined your video audience, and you’re ready, you’ll record your video. Remember that all videos are a duration of 10-15 minutes and focus only on a single movement of a work, a single aria, a single-movement work, a specific topic, etc. If an uploader would like to cover an entire three-movement concerto, for example, they would create a video for each movement with three separate videos. Important to remember is that videos almost never combine multiple sections of a work, even if the song, movement, or selection is short. Video bundle options are also available (you will find this info in the Step-by-Step Guide).

When an artist has created videos for all the movements or sections of a work, we group your videos into an optional bundle and offer a 10% discount to the user for purchasing the bundle. This allows you to sell the entire set (this is good for you) and is slightly discounted for the user (this is good for the user). You can always write us if you’re not sure or want to inquire about a bundle idea.


Uploading: Let's look at the information asked for during the upload process and how the upload process is organized. The first time you upload you'll be taken through the steps to create your Uploader Profile. You'll only need to do this during your first upload. Each upload after, you'll be able to quickly upload your video and information without being asked any Uploader Profile questions.

  • Choosing how users view you: we'll ask you to choose the primary way you identify. You'll see this primary identifier on all your video cover art.

As an option you may add additional identifiers. These additional identifiers will be visible at the top of your biography and within the description of all of your videos.

  • Photos and Biography: we’ll collect two photographs to be used in your graphics. Professional or professional-looking shots are recommended. We also recommend that at least one of your photos show the upper half of your body, as this usually works better in creating your cover art. You will then copy and paste your biography when prompted.


  • Selecting how you want your video revenue used: as an artist-relief project, we provide the option to earn video revenue for yourself, sent to you each month by transfer. Alternatively, you can choose to forward your video proceeds to help other artists by selecting the CLICKCOACH Assistance Fund option. The setting you choose applies to all of your videos but may be changed quarterly using our update/change form.


  • Video categories: works and topics will fall into one of these categories from which you will choose:

Vocal Work

Instrumental Work

Opera aria

Opera duet

Opera other

Opera chorus

Oratorio, Requiem, Choral-Orchestra

Choral work (without orchestra)

Song/Lied, Duet, Trio+, or Solo Voice

Voice with Chamber Ensemble

Musical Theater Piece

Vocal Jazz


Solo instrumental movement/piece

Concerto movement

Duet, Trio, or Chamber Ensemble


Wind Ensemble/Band

Instrumental Jazz


Instructional Topic

Instructional videos focus on subjects such as warm-ups, relaxation techniques, instrument care, hand exercises, stagecraft, score study techniques, etc. The world is really your oyster here so long as it's instructional based. It's completely fine to reference musical works, even utilizing one particular work so long as the focus of your video is on the instructional element and not on the musical work itself. For example, using Carl Flesch exercises to strengthen the fourth finger is fine if the video topic is "Strengthening the fourth finger for violinists."


  • Video audience, language, and video category information: users will want to know if a video is right for them, so we’ll ask you about your video audience (who your video is made for), the language in which your video is recorded, and you’ll be asked for information specific to the category you chose. This info appears below your video and will be found in various search options.



  • Keywords: The last important piece of the puzzle…how will users search for topics you cover in your video? This is where key search words play a big role, as they’re the "behind-the-scenes" secret of online searches. When you’ve finished recording your video, just watch through your video once, jotting down any topics—big or small—that you cover in your video. We'll connect these words to your video so your video pops up when one of those words is searched. We provide a long suggestion list for ideas and guidance, or you may input the words on your own.


  • Uploading your video file: Be sure to check out our Step-by-Step Guide for the technical requirements for your video. Depending on the size of your video and your internet connection, the uploading process may take several minutes.


After Uploading: You’ll receive a confirmation email confirming your submission. Then:
  • If you’re forwarding your proceeds to the CLICKCOACH Assistance Fund, you’ll wait for an email telling you that your video is live.
  • If you’re a return uploader, you’ll wait for an email telling you that your video is live. We already know your Uploader Profile settings, so there’s nothing more to do. Your profile is already set up and we have everything we need to move forward.
  • If you’re a first-time uploader with proceeds going to you, you’ll receive an email when we begin processing your video. Before your video can go live, we’ll need from you:
    • Form W-9 (US residents or resident aliens) or Form W-8BEN (uploaders outside of the US)
    • Your preferred payment method from our list of options

Move on to the Step-by-Step Guide

Uploader Terms & Conditions


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